• Dear Community,

    In today's session, targeted at intermediate to advanced users, we'll dig deep into the 3D capabilities of Isadora. From the 3D Projector actor to using the 3D Player and 3D models to build up complex scenes where individual objects respond to sensory input, you'll see new opportunities for creating imagery that lives and breathes along with performers or the public.

    Pro Tip: Isadora only supports the 3DS file format. We'll have a file with example models to play with, but if you'd like to acquire some models that are of particular interest to you, try a visiting a site like TurboSquid or CGTrader, setting the filters to 3DS and free to locate free 3DS models.

    Note: We've got daylight's savings time in Europe now, so the times in North and South America have shifted one hour earlier!

    6pm CEST (Europe)
    5pm GMT (UK)
    12pm EDT (East Coast USA)
    9am PDT (West Coast USA)

    Live Stream URL will be posted here and on social media at 5:50pm CET. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Click for the Live Stream Link (also for later viewing)

    Files to Download

    Isadora File for Guru Session #5

    Movies to download:

    Pebbly Beach Headland
    Crystal Shower Falls

    Download these movies from Vimeo, and place in the guru5 folder you downloaded above.

    See you at 6pm CEST!

  • Thanks Mark and Lucas for an insightful session on the 3D actors. just for fun, and because Mark said he didn't like the idea of generating bullets, I tweaked his Magic Football patch slightly so that the A key now generates a friendly caterpillar. 3d caterpillar.izz

  • Just to clarify: What are the limits of the 3d-engine in Isadora when it comes to rendering light and texture? It seems, that Isadora renders simple colours out and simple textures, but not such things like roughness, reflection or transparency, right?

  • Beta Platinum

    @tomthebom said:

    roughness, reflection or transparency

     There is no bump map in Isadora, there is no reflections either. You can texture with alpha channel transparency.

    Here is a demo patch I created that forces an alpha transparency onto a movie file. The movie files works for MacOS 10.15.

    Kind Regards


    3D Alpha texture-demo.zip