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    I've recently acquired a bunch of LED pixel strips.  So far I've just been using them as lighting fixtures, but with all this new downtime, I'm working on getting Izzy to send video to them.  They are 64 RGB pixels each and I have 16 strips total.  So all told, we're talking 3072 addresses over 7 universes.  I'm able to get Izzy to output raw control data to them without issue.  I've seen elsewhere on the forum that Izzy is limited to 4 universes of artnet output, but I have not run into any issues there.  I am able to use matrix value sends to send raw data to all 7 universes.

    My issue is with the matrix color send actor.  I followed this tutorial: https://support.troikatronix.c... but it seems to be out of date somehow.  The actor in the tutorial is not exactly the same as the one in my install of Izzy 3.0.7.  Moreover, the one I have seems to be less capable than the one in the tutorial.  The one in the tutorial can map video to multiple universes of artnet at once.  The one I have can only do a single universe, which is a huge bummer.  Does anyone know how/when this actor was changed?  Is there someplace I can download the older version?  Anyone have any good workarounds?  I'm currently working on a user actor that chops up my video stream and feeds it into a bunch of separate matrix color send actors, but obviously that is not ideal.


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    what strip did you buy ? And how do you send dmx to them?


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    Our team member @DusX has the most experience with this. Can you respond to this @DusX ?

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    The strips don't quite have a name.  They are being imported directly from a factory in China by a friend of mine.  This is his company should you be interested.  They are very affordable and I am pleased with build quality so far: https://www.eyegasmvisual.com/

    I am sending them data via artnet. The "brain" for the strips is a 32 universe artnet receiver.

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    which artnet receiver exactly you use?