• Hi there, I'm working on a virtual dance performance with 4 dancers in 2 flats in Berlin, me based in Bremerhaven. I'd like them to dance with each other, together seeing each other on screen, me in the middle putting the streams together and manipulate them in Izzy, sending the performance to YT or FB or - at least for testing- record them. Since Syphoner doesn't work anymore on Catalina I'm desperately searching for a proper and stable solution. The dancers can only serve a webcam stream over ZOOM or Skype or something like that. Any suggestions for putting PARTS of the Zoomstream into IZZY are welcome. I tried OBS getting two slices from the Zoom-window, complicated and not very reliable, also I'm missing an proper syphon Output in OBS. can anybody help with that?

  • @martin_kemner use skype - NDI out from each dancer to Isadora, then process away and output via syphon, then use manycam to get the syphon and feed it to skype.

  • hello. skype also allows replace your webcam with a dedicated ndi stream. so we allways send the program out of our atem switcher to skype, to show our interviewpartners the program out. 


  • @deflost wow, which version of Skype do you have. For me I can only get NDI out natively, or on windows I can use the NDI virtu camera or manycam on Mac.

  • @fred Thank you for the quick answer. I can syphon. is there a tutorial how to NDI-Out from Skype and/or other sources?

  • @fred

    sorry, yes we also use virtuell input from the ndi tool, between our obs ndi out and the skype webcam in. we choos in virtuell input the obs ndi output as source and choose in skype webcam config virtuell input as cam.


  • @Fred 

    and everyone else.

    I'm putting together a project with simultaneous performances in 4 countries. We have been using Skype for initial research. The NDI out from Skype is going to be very useful. The producers are drawing up the project budget and would like to know how we can make the connection as clean and high quality as possible for the rehearsals and performances. I'm guessing that the minimum requirement would be a dedicated router for each of the four computers that make up the network, using Skype (or similar) and NDI into Isadora to create the performance space, plus the fastest broadband deal that each country can provide.

    My question to everyone out there is - what would be more professional solutions? can we send NDI from country to country? how do TV outside broadcast systems work? is it possible to hire a satellite link system that will provide a solid link between the 4 countries?

    any advice would be appreciated, thanks...

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    @dbini said:

    can we send NDI from country to country?

     I've definitely read about people doing this but don't have specific information about it

  • @dbini I would look into NDI cloud sienna or media looks, This will give the best quality imho, hoi will have to pay. You could also use a tunnel with a mikrotek router, this will let you access remote computers like a local connection and can work great with video IP solutions. Making sure all internet connections are wired is also very important, then the dedicated router is not so important.

    Last choosing a broadcast platform like Vimeo or YouTube live, not Skype will let you actually control the encoding and steaming settings will make sure of quality.

    If you get lost pm me

  • Thanks @Fred 

    that's good info. i'm waiting to speak to someone from Newtek about finding a solution for using NDI/Sienna.

  • I'm really curious to see how solutions develop. NDI cloud was free briefly when it first came about but I was too busy to deal at the time. I was just thinking about all this and happened to look on here today and obviously we are not alone as we might feel at this moment. Bored/frustrated/angry already with the limited horrid tools my institution is forcing me to use with my students. Dreaming of a way that I can bring students together into one virtual screen space so that they can perform "together."