• hi izzis

    Its has been a long time since the last time I turned on isadora, and I am taking the dust off some old projects. Do I remember correctly that it would be the best to keep the video strings as Video Gpu instead of Video CPU?

    I am quite sure the answer will not be a yes or no...

    I am getting video from a canon a700d through an intensity shuttle and the output of the video in watcher is Video CPU. After this I am using a lot of actors to manipulate the video:

    contrast, hsl, video fader, motion blur, etc, etc, etc

    Sorry about the confusion, I am a bit rusty and havent done my homework :)

  • Tech Staff

    Place a new video in watcher actor and it'll be GPU. You'll then need to replace or mutate your other actors to make them GPU-based.

    GPU is generally better than CPU.

  • done. thanks