My Collection of Media Sources (and lots of misc research)

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    Back when I was designing shows in NYC for a year I started collecting links to places to source public domain media ethically and also compiled some specific research links for various topics relevant to those shows. 

    Here's my compiled list of mostly sources for public domain movies, videos, vj loops, books, spoken word audio, audio books, music, art images, still images, presidential material, etc.

    Feel free to leave a comment on the document if you've got something to add.

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  • @woland💰sent. Thank you. 

  • This is a pretty amazing resource.  Thank you for sharing!  And thank you for the calling out of that racist asshole Lovecraft! ;)

  • Tech Staff

    Bumping this because I just did an update and added all my bookmarks for images, video, and audio to the document.

    I still have to integrate the following folders of bookmarks: 

    • Stasi files
    • VJ Files
    • Video Converting
    • Motion Graphics
    • Typing
    • Albums
    • 3D
    • Generators
    • Voice Simulation
    • Test Images
    • Clip Art
    • Artwork
    • Fluid Simulation
    • Faces
    • File Size Calculation

    Enjoy ❤