[ANSWERED] Random Actor

  • Hi, The simple random act output is 0-100. If I set the output to 1-9, it stays on the number 9 for most of the triggers. Shouldn't the the range of that output change?

    Meaning there are no pauses, it would constantly be making number changes within that 1-9.

  • @craigw

    I think you just have a small misunderstanding here: setting the 'limit min' or 'limit max' does not change the random numbers that are being generated. Instead, it limits the result to the range you specify. Becasuse of this, you never want to use the 'limit min' and 'limit max' on the output of the Random generator -- otherwise the result won't be random.

    Consider these five random numbers generated by the Random generator and limited to a maximum of 9

    46.69 -> 9
    91.02 -> 9
    1.3 -> 1.3
    89.41 -> 9
    44.53 -> 9

    As you can see, four of the five were limited to 9.

    Instead, you want to use either the 'scale min' and 'scale max' of the input to which the Random actor is connected, or else use a Limit-Scale Value actor to convert the Random actor's output range (0-100) to whatever range you desire.

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  • the shuffle actor works for me in similar situations.  - John

  • Tech Staff

    @jjhp3 said:

    the shuffle actor works for me in similar situations.  - John

     I also recommend using the Shuffle actor