Value Receive Actor crashes when turning dials or sliders at Isadoras Control surface

  • Hello,

    I`m encountering a very strange problem with the Value receive actor in combination with Isadoras control surface. I set up a patch for pixelmapping, when turn a dial or slider in the control surface acouple of times, the engine stops working completly. There is no message from Isadora or anything, but Video output stops and it`s not possible anymore to change any values of any actor. The patch works again when restarting Isadora. 

    I attached the patch with the issue, just load something into the Picture bin and select it in the control surface, then turn any knob and Isadora will crash.

    Pixelmat Matrix Value recieve actor crash 1.izz

    I already reported this crash a week ago or so, but didn`t get any answer. 

    can anybody help me?



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    I can't recreate this, works fine for me on Mac with Mojave. What version of Isadora are you using and are you on Mac or PC?

    Best Michel

  • I`m working on Windows 10, the problem apears on 2 different Windows 10 machines. Did you turn the dial a couple of times? sometimes it takes a couple of interactions until it crashes, it happens specially when turning the dials very fast.

  • Hoi übrigens Michel, ich bins Karl vom Theaterspektakel :-)

  • Here`s a video of the issue

  • @michel ps: I`m running isadora 3.07

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    Hallo Karl :-).
    Yes I did turn different dials a few times. This may seem to be a Windows problem. Maybe Ryan could try it (@DusX can you respond here?)

    Best Michel

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    I can cause the crash/lockup.

    I don't believe the issue is with the Matrix Value Receive. Rather I see that the Matrix Color Send is causing an error in some situations.
    What I see is that since you are changing the video resolution, and the pixel mapping size, dynamically together, that the Matrix Color Send will output Channels, Low Chan, and High Chan values that are not valid.

    I can't really dig too much deeper into this, since I don't understand exactly whats going on in here, but I don't imagine the video processing is any part of the problem.
    I do see for example that control ID 18, sets both the Scaler:vert size, and the Matrix Color Send:size px (horizontal size) which i suspect isn't what was intended (maybe I'm wrong, since I'm unclear what the intention here is).
    In anycase, some of the Matrix Color Send configurations are creating Out Of Bounds results.

    I do believe that the Matrix Color Send isn't updating the channel ranges correctly when some inputs are being changed. So I will dig further into this.
    I would recommend to avoid dynamically resetting the Matrix Color Send input values. Perhaps, create a set of working Matrix Color Send setups, and use a Router to switch between them as a method of changing these settings.
    This will avoid possibly incorrect input values, and the bug I am investigating.

  • @dusx

    Thank you for looking into it, I made some changes in the patch considering your recommendations (removed all control inputs from the Matrix color send). Also I simplyfied the whole patch. The bug still happens, but it takes longer to occur, maybe a minute or so of changing various dials very fast. In general I observed that the crash happens less often when deleting out stuff i.e. the second video processing. It almost seems it has a connection with Isadoras workload, even it never exceeds 50% on my computer.

    I attached the simplyfied patch, as I said the crash still happens with that one but less often.

    Pixelmat Matrix Value recieve actor crash 2.izz

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    Ok, please submit a support ticket, including your new file, and I will dig into it deeper.
    The link is in my signature. Thanks