Guru Session #7: The 3D Ropes Actor (April 8th, 2020 - 6pm CEST/5PM GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT)

  • Dear Community,

    In today's installment of the "Guru Sessions", we'll introduce intermediate level users to the 3D Ropes actor which allows you to create virtual strings that simulate the movement of everything from a thread blowing in the wind to a wild spring that "twangs" back when you pluck it. We'll cover all of the many parameters of this actor so you'll have good understanding of how to create evocative imagery with this powerful actor.

    6pm CEST (Europe)
    5pm GMT (UK)
    12pm EDT (East Coast USA)
    9am PDT (West Coast USA)

    Live Stream URL will be posted here and on social media at 5:50pm CET.

    Best Wishes,

  • Live Stream Link - for viewing live or for later

    Click this link to watch the Live Stream (for later viewing also)

    Files to Download

    Isadora File for Guru Session #7

    See you all at 6pm CEST/5PM GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT!

    Best Wishes, Mark

  • @mark

    Dear Mark,

    what is this?

    thanks for the super session


  • Tech Staff


    you can exclude actors from being in snapshots. Right click on any actor and select "Disable actor snapshot".

    Best Michel

  • I am not quite sure, If I understood the “fdbk rope 1” properly: It determines which rope will provide feedback for feedback output 1. This could be any of your ropes, right? It could be rope 1, but it could be also rope 46, right? Should this not be rather named “fbdk rope A”?

    “fdbk pos 1” determines the position on that rope in %. Somehow I choose rope 1 to 4, but I only manage to specify positions on the first rope. Am I overseeing something or is this a bug?

  • Just to illustrate. 

  • My 3D ropes actor assignement.
    Not sure if replying here is the way to post an assignement, but here it is. I tried to mimik watching algae move whilst floating above them with a snorkel. Summer feelings came up.

    I've got a bit of trouble in properly "repelling" the algae with the mousewatcher (possibly I got lost somewhere in rotating spaces). Anyway it kind of works.

    Older machines may struggle a bit, mine almost hits the 50% load.

    Cheers to all of you,  (justy noticed that "all of you" sounds pretty similar to "I love you" ...  😘  )