Guru Session #8: Cocktail Hour and Open Questions (April 10th, 2020 - 6pm CEST/5PM GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT)

  • Dear Community,

    To mark the completion of our first full month of "Guru Sessions", we're going to host an open session where Mark will spontaneously answer your Isadora questions live. You can ask your questions in the live chat, or pose them in advance below. We encourage you to join us with your favorite beverage in hand (it's always cocktail hour somewhere!) and to have some fun as we celebrate the curiosity of the Isadora community together.

    If you are going to pose an advance question because you can't join us during the live stream, please focus on something that can be answered in a short time frame!

    6pm CEST (Europe)
    5pm GMT (UK)
    12pm EDT (East Coast USA)
    9am PDT (West Coast USA)

    Live Stream URL will be posted here and on social media at 5:50pm CET.

    Best Wishes,

  • Dear @mark thank you for these great motivation Sessions...
    I've been learning so much at all levels.

    - Question 1 for today regarding the 3d Actor
    Is it possible to make a cylindric curtain of ropes instead of a straight one (meaning from left to right)
    So an 3d object could be hidden inside?

    - Question 2 - Rutt Etra
    How does the Point Sprite video input work?

    - Question 3 - 3d Particles
    Is there a way to randomise the particles when using the "video gen" function?
    I've created this butterflie animation but all the particles are synchronised and I'd like them not to be :

    In order of priority question n3 is the most important.

    Thank you

  • Izzy Guru

    What are your thoughts on XR/AR? Might Isadora venture into these areas?

  • Just using my brain's random actor to preload some questions for today's session....

    I'd really like some guidance on what one might broadly call "good practice"...

    • What order to put actors in inside a patch
    • To what extent it's good practice to wrap things up in user actors or macros (now that I understand the difference!)
    • Media management: in what circumstances should one pre-load assets
    • The best way to achieve a really, really smooth dissolve between scenes
    • How to output really smooth, anti-aliased text

    See you in a bit!

  • Tech Staff

    What are the most exciting things you currently see in the arts to deal with current situation (I know you have an extensive network, so that is why I ask the question ;) )

  • I'd like to ask about getting the best results from Capture Stage to Movie....

  • Beta Platinum

    I like the agility with which you work with programming Isadora in terms of being responsive to users and nurturing a community of practice. The ecology around Isadora is forever shifting and changing as opportunities for extending its compatibility with other hardware and software progresses forward. How do you see that ecology now and into the short term future in relation to what can be supported and what can be leveraged for creative work over the next two years or so? 

  • Beta Platinum

    Sometimes a texture only seems to partially map to a 3d model?
    particle emitter:  Is there any way to have the particles never fade?  Also, create the equivalent of a motion blur w/zero decay that remains "transparent" instead of "additive"? (not sure if that is clear language...)

  • @mark I like a rough goThrough about putting (more than one) Videostreams from far away into Izzy and sending them back to the same or a different place. I used to do that with Syphoner which doesn't work on Mojave and chewing now NDI. My beer ist cold an your Troikatini hopefully well prepared. See you soon.

  • Beta Platinum

    @bonemap You need to give Mark more lead time for a question like that! :)  

  • Tech Staff


    He also needs a drink of two to answer that question 😄

  • Beta Platinum

    @ckim said:

    You need to give Mark more lead time for a question like that!


    I reckon @mark  thinks about that stuff ALL the time!

  • Beta Platinum

    Mark programming at his normal speed, so we all have to replay the video in slo mo

  • Beta Platinum

    @mark said:

    Live Stream URL

     Do we have a live stream url?

  • @ckim said:

    @mark said:
    Live Stream URL
     Do we have a live stream url?



    Yes we do, it's here, not sure why the big pic...

  • Tech Staff

    They are now live :)

  • Beta Platinum

    Gin tonic and Chocolate here))

  • Can there be a future guru session that deals with integrating video feeds from gaming engines or 3d realtime renderers like notch of unity into Isadora? This would allow the blending of Isadora's realtime interactivity parameters into the powerful 3d generative content that can be made in the 3d engines!

  • Another question for a future guru session. Is there a way to multiple programmers editing a showfile on separate computers without corrupting the file in the cloud, if all the computers are on the same wifi network, is there a way to remotely edit a patch collaboratively but simultaneously?


  • @martin_kemner said:

    Syphoner which doesn't work on Mojave and chewing now NDI.

     I will have news regarding a solution to this soon. ;-)