• I'm hoping to use Max for a live sound input to an Isadora Patch that also has prerecorded sound in all its scenes. The Max artist and I already ran the two programs simultaneously on separate computers with no digital connection. For a show overseas we would like to run the Max Patch (For live interactive sound) and the Isadora Patch on the same machine and we are hoping they will somehow be able to communicate. I figured out the secondary scene and have gotten as far as putting an OSC listener in there but I don't know if that is the right user actor for a program running on the same computer.And if I bring in sound from a different program to Isadora, would that somehow over ride the existing sound in Isadora? Aesthetically we know the two sound ecologies are compatible, but I don't have the hardware to have them run on two separate computers half a world away, unless I absolutely have to. She is doing things with live sound on Max that Isadora isn't set up for. We already tried that route.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • Tech Staff


    Do you need to send sound into Isadora? IF so what is Isadora doing with the sound?
    What platform are you going to be on, Mac or PC?

  • I’m on a Mac. I thought about just running the two programs separately but ultimately it would be nice to have some interaction between them. We did manage to connect them with the sound from max coming into a secondary scene using SoundFlower but Isadora keeps dropping the SoundFlower connection. I tried replacing SoundFlower with Blackhole and that is even worse. It works ok for a spell and then drops. I’m pretty sure the issue is with Isadora because when I look at the Max patch during these moments of dropped connection it is still running fine still connected to SoundFlower etc. I’m really puzzled. 

  • I’m running High Sierra Vers 10.13.5, MacBook Pro 15” mid 2014 2.8 GB Intel Core i7

    16 GB Memory 

    NVIDIAV GEFORCE GT 750m 2048 MB And Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

    Isadora 2.6.1. Max 8. 

    Both patches seem stable. The only issue is the dropped SoundFlower connection. I’ve already deinstalled and reinstalled the most recent SoundFlower and also tried Blackhole 

  • it would be simpler to analyse sound in max msp regarding the parameter you need ( level , frerquency, hamonics)
    then convert the data in Osc ( don't over flow ), and send it to Isadora