•  I have a new project that need using tiny led,my supplier suggest me using APA102-1515 LED,I hear APA102 has APA102-2020 and APA102-1515.who used it before?can you share me some experience to me?

  • it seems that the numbers 1515 and 2020 make reference to the size of the led, but the protocol is apa102, which means that both 1515 and 2020 work the same way. The 2020 chip has also white, together with Red Green and Blue.

    This is what I deduce from a quick check.

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    Controlling LEDS through Isadora can be done using the ArtNet actor that can be found on the Plugins page. Basically what you need is the following :

    1. A network (Wired if possible)
    2. An ArtNet to SPI decoder
    3. Some ethernet cables to wire everything


    Get a proper decoder for your Pixelstrip, one of the following is able to do the job just fine (Let's say we do 500 leds..)



    About the ArtNet plugins 

    Each Artnet node (Device) in Isadora can handle up to 4 Universes of data (512 channels / Universe = 512 * 4 = 2,048 channels of LEDS / 3 ~ 682 LEDs that you can feed through Izzy per device)

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     hi. its like @camilozk says. I have used small leds before and there is no difference in functionality. Same chip.

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    @crystalaaron said:

     APA102-2020 and APA102-1515.who used it before?can you share me some experience to me?


    I have a current project using APA102 RGB Led’s. The LED’s run from WI-FI microcontrollers using the OSC protocol. The decision to use OSC libraries came about because it is easy to implement and is well supported. There are significant limitations with OSC compared to the pattern making options of art-net. So I would not recommend OSC for many hundreds of LED’s. But for small numbers of LED’s that run off small batteries and controlled via a WIFi board, using OSC appeared the better option.

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