• Hi folks, If you're like me, and most of your gigs have been cancelled, I'm sure you're itching for some creative work again.  Just wondering if you'd be interested in providing some content (like 3-5 minutes) for a piece I'm developing.  It's called projection connections; think of it like a mobile large-scale projection piece.  I'll be strapping some projectors to my truck, projecting onto apartments, houses, storefronts and lawns of various neighborhoods of Cincinnati; bringing projection art to the people as they are self-isolating, as it were.  Since we'll be moving, we can't really do any sort of mapping, and the content should be pretty atmospheric and textural, given we'll be projecting onto a multitude of surfaces.  But thematically, it should focus on our current separation, and what still connects us, either as a city or globally.  There will be a small stipend for this, but I can't give a concrete amount at the moment; basically whatever is left of the funding after equipment expenses will be divided up between collaborators.  Just let me know if you'd be down to play, and we'll work out the specifics.  Thanks!

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    Doug - are you planning to be projecting whilst moving, or rocking up to different places and projecting for a while before moving off?

  • @dbini, it would be both, actually.  We'd be projecting while moving for most of the program, but there are a few prime locations with a better projection surface and a higher density of residents to actually view the project that we will most likely stop for a while.

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    Hi, it sound very nice. I would like to participate with a small auto generative patch. It will have audio too? or, It is just the video projection?

    Best wishes 


  • What resolution are you projecting?

  • @josafat, great!  There will be audio as well!   Some of the pieces I've received have audio attached, others do not, so I will be doing a general underscore of those without audio (unless an artist requests silence!)  I'll be posting a Google drive link shortly where collaborators can upload content.

    @dbini, I'm using my older projectors, so I'll be running 1600x1200.  Thanks!

  • The shared drive is up and running; you can upload any content HERE.  You'll need to request permission to access the drive, though.  Thanks all!

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    Hi Doug, I just upload a folder with the Isadora patch, and with a video and a music file in the drive. The entire projection reacts to the music file and some random triggers. The three scenes have some variation that  result in different feelings. I was focus on the repulsion of the people in this moment, so I used the repulsion forces on the 3D ropes actor as a metaphor of the situation, and the dispersion of the fluid as a figuration of the virus propagation.

    If you want, you could change the music file (eg. with the one that is in the sharing drive), but then you'll need to recalibrate the limit scale actors of each scene.

    If you need a different approach, just tell me, bro.

    Please share the results with me. If you use the material please give the credit to the composer that created the music (the info is in the file) and to me.

    Best wishes.

  • @josafat YES!  I'm really digging it.  Love the music as well, I'll keep it as is, with attribution.  I'll be sharing vids of the tests and final project once I'm out and about (once the weather clears, hopefully midweek), and I'll keep you posted.  And I'm so looking forward to catching up with the Guru sessions on the 3D ropes!

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    Hi Doug! I been playing around with the Izzy patch. So I just upload two new versions. The 1.4 file has a better calibration than the previous version of the patch. The 1.5 file was created in a way that you just need to enter to the first scene (Start and Global Control), and then  it will automatically activate and deactivate all the scenes according to the track. The only problem is that I used Izzy 2.6 to create the files, so in order to make it works properly in Izzy 3 you need to change the Syphone Server actor to a projector and send it to a virtual stage, then you need to change in all scenes the Syphone Receiver actor for the Get Stage Image actor and select the virtual stage. By the way, the guru session about the 3D ropes was great, it will help you a lot. 

    Keep in touch, bro!

  • After a few false starts due to shipment delays, here's the trailer from my first test run.  I think I'll want to go with a shorter throw lens, and I'm still working on getting better streaming video quality, but as proof-of-concept, I'd say it turned out pretty well!  If folks want to tune in to the first live stream, info will be posted HERE, but it will also be posted at https://vimeo.com/knowtheatre

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    Wow! That’s really interesting. I can see why you would want to consider a shorter throw lens. Could you provide more tech info about your set up? Battery or generator? Also your impression about the tolerance of the projector to vibration/jolting? 

    Congratulations there is definitely something in this. It would be good to see documentation from a street / static perspective for example how it looks for audiences.

    Kind regards


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    Thanks!  I'm enlisting a few of my neighbors in my neighborhood to capture some pics and video of the piece; hopefully I'll get a good response.  I'm using a 2000 watt power inverter connected to my trucks battery, with an old Eiki LC-X5 strapped to my hood!  I initially wanted to get a genny, and put the whole rig on a trailer, but that proved cost prohibitive; I'm keeping it pretty bare bones in order to disperse most of the grant money to collaborators (and the grant was a pretty small amount, tbh).  My plan was to double up projectors, but I've only been able to source a 100 amp fuse for the inverter.  I'll be on the hunt tomorrow for a 200 amp, which will allow me to use both X5's.  There is a fair amount of jolting (Cincinnati streets are notorious for potholes!), but the content is amorphous and stylized enough that it doesn't really register.  And while stationary, it's not really noticeable at all.

    Thanks so much for the feedback!  This has been quite the experiment, but it's been generating a lot of interest, and I'm looking forward to see the community's reaction.

  • I just wanted to give an update on this project, as there were numerous Isadora users who contributed.  Public response has been overwhelming; I have an ever growing list of neighborhood requests.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to structure this going forward, but I'm definitely going to continue this project.  I've now purchased a high power quiet generator to attach to the cargo hitch of an old Jeep Cherokee I picked up, which means I can now double up the Eiki's with wide throw lenses (or even my Barco r18, if I can ever find a cheap replacement lamp housing).  Below are some photos of the rig in action, as well as some links to press we've gotten.  You can find all the info about the project at Projection Connections