• Hello! I am very new to Isadora... baby steps, so I will try my best to explain what I am trying to achieve as clearly as I can. What I need to do is have a performer use their smartphone to capture a video in real time which is then imported into Isadora where I would manipulate it and stream it live to YouTube or wherever. Is this even a thing? I am using Isadora 3.0 and trying to get up to speed with the online tutorials and Mark's greatly appreciated Guru Sessions! Thanks everyone. I hope you are all safe, sane and creative in this troubled time 😗

  • Izzy Guru


    There are different apps for your smartphone to do that. I use the NewTek NDI camera app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/...).
    To stream live to youtube you can't do that direct from Isadora, you have to use another software to do that. For example OBS (https://obsproject.com/)

    Best Michel

  • @the_navigator 


    another good solution specifically for smartphone cameras is an app called Airserver. https://www.airserver.com (There's a free trial available, I think a perpetual license is between about £10-£30 depending on your usage).

    When it's running on a mac or PC and connected to the same WiFi network, your smart phone will see it in screen mirroring as AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast depending on which brand of phone you're using. Airserver sends it's connected stream to Syphon or Spout so you can bring it in to Isadora using a Syphon Receiver actor and then treat it as any other video input. Obviously this works with the camera but can be used to share the phone screen or any app it's running as well as the camera.

    I'm currently making a tutorial video explaining a multi-camera setup using Switcher Studio, Airserver and Isadora. (Switcher Studio is an app on iOS that connects and cuts between multiple devices). Once it's finished I'll be sure to post it on here as well.

    Good luck!

    @Michel NDI cam looks great as well, I'll have a play with that later today I think.

  • @the_navigator

    Hi, just yesterday I was also playing around with that and I found I could use the beta version of the NDI watcher (https://troikatronix.com/plugi...)

    It is just a beta, but so far I could test it it worked perfectly.

    The nice thing about NDI is that, as soon as you connect an NDI device to your network, you can see it anywhere in the network without further configuration.

    There is at least one NDI-cam app for iPhones (from Newtek), there was one for Android, but it has been removed - you still can find it, but I guess it was removed for some reason.

    But there are workarounds also for Android.

    If you plan using an I-phone, you're pretty much done. Install the NDI cam app from Newtek, connect phone and computer to the same network and then in ISADORA you

    only need to connect the NDI watcher to the projector actor (or anything you might want to switch in between).

    - I do not own an Iphone so this is what I did:  (there are many options - you might want to look for OBS - NDI plugin as well, it gives you more flexibility - there are several tutorials out there)

    I used two PCs connected to the same Network.

    First I downloaded the free NDI tools from the Newtek homepage (https://www.newtek.com/ndi/too...) and started the SCAN CONVERTER on one  of the computers (once you start it you do not see it, but it broadcasts the screen as NDI stream through the network)

    On my phone I used IP-WEB CAM (a free app from the google store) and visualised the stream on the browser of computer 1 (Any app allowing you to mirror or just send the video feed to your computer would do it)

    On computer 2 I have ISADORA and the same patch described above the NDI watcher connected to the projector.

    Hope this helps (if you dare running the show with a beta actor).

    Good luck,


  • @kathmandale

    I have questions about switcher studio

    How is the delay working out on such system. And what does the wifi network consist of in your usual setups?

    Thank you,


  • Thnx guys! Lots of helpful ideas there. My specific issue that the performer is not on my wi-fi network, so the thing is how to get a feed from her phone/webcam onto my computer and then into Isadora. What I am currently doing is running Ip Cam on her phone, then having her run Skype and/or OBS and via NDI this arrives in Isadora. Seems to work, apart from various port forwarding issues with routers, for instance if I were to do it here at home, there is something funny with my ISP which makes forwarding next to impossible. Thanks again for all the advice! 

  • @dillthekraut

    Hi Dill,

    The delay can be a bit bad. It obviously depends how on the WiFi and the number of devices connecting to the 'switcher' at any one time. With the company I work with the most, imitating the dog, we use it a lot in workshops with students to teach concepts of using multiple cameras on stage without needing overly complicated/expensive set-up. And using tools they will be able to access in their own work. We also use it in rehearsal and when we're trying things out when we don't have access to a more professional system.

    Our usual set up is a bunch of iphone6 (I think) and an iPad as the switcher. We have an airport express router we tend use for WiFi, mostly because it's really small and easy to transport. 

    We've never used switcher studio for a full production but, now everybody is locked down and working remotely, the delay is less important in many situations. 

  • Izzy Guru


    NDI HX Camera from Newtek is now back in the Google Playstore. 

    Best Michel