[ANSWERED] Looping video continuously (on specific layer) while jumping from scene to scene

  • Hello!

    I'm new to version 3 since the Next Scene trigger feature has been added (as opposed to doing it manually with keyboard watcher -> jump++ in every scene).

    My question is: can I have a video loop from scene to scene without interruption in the loop? I've experimented with using a secondary scene with 'activate scene'/'deactivate scene' but then it seems that I can place the looping video on the layer I want - It just goes on top of everything in the active scene. I have also experimented with using Set Global Values / Get Global Values to send position information from one movie player to the next, but this introduces artifacts. 

    What I'm trying to do is something like:

    Cue 1: fade in a png of old house on a hill (layer 3) with transparency to show a dark cloudy sky in the background (layer 0)

    Cue 2: fade in a movie image of moving clouds (layer 2) that additive blend mixes with the sky in layer 0, but still sits behind the house (layer 3)

    Cue 2: fade in a silhouette shadow figure in the foreground (layer 4), while moving sky video loops interrupted (layer 2)



  • Izzy Guru


    Go to the "File" menu and select "Layering --> Ungrouped" this should respect the layering.

    Best Michel

  • @nickdesigner84

    I would suggest a global scene looping your video and sending it to a virtual stage. Pick the image up in each scene using "get stage image"...

  • Thanks @Michel and @tomthebom - both of these worked. And Tom your suggestion introduced me to virtual stages - I was wondering what they could be used for...

  • Tech Staff

    @nickdesigner84 said:

    virtual stages - I was wondering what they could be used for...

     You can use them like this to group a bunch of overlapping content and then easily manipulate its location and scaling as a whole. (I used a Virtual Stage for all the shapes that make up the penguin's head.)