• Dear All,

    The guru sessions begin again tomorrow with yours truly, and I'm getting a little bored with the artwork I'm using to announce these videos and, given all my other responsibilities, I don't have enough time to make them more "snazzy". Given that you're such a creative bunch, and you're all locked down like me, I got thinking that maybe some of you would enjoy whipping up some an image for these sessions.

    If that sounds like a fun project to you, here are the specs:

    I need two versions of the image, one for Instagram and one for Facebook
    -- one image should be 1024 x 1024 pixels (1:1 aspect ratio)
    -- one image should be 1024 x 576 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
    -- we would credit you for your contribution when the announcement is made.
    -- it would be great if the image was somehow generated in Isadora and/or shows some aspect of the user interface, but that's not absolutely required.
    -- do not include the text; we'll add that for each session. But know that the text would be positioned as seen in the example images below.
    -- you can include an image of me snapped from previous guru sessions if you like. If you do that, please find a nice one! (Why do stills of me so often end up with my mouth or eyes in some bizarre configuration? ;-) )
    -- you can submit the finished image here or else respond here to let me know to contact you privately via email.

    Just below you'll find the red/pink "isadora gradation" background at 1024x1024 and 1024x576 in case you want to use that as part of your design.


    Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to spend a bit of time making something.

    Best Wishes,

  • Good idea, @mark! Out of curiosity, what's the Troikatronix font?



  • @citizenjoe said:

    Out of curiosity, what's the Troikatronix font?

     Uh, Neo something or other. I'll have to look. ;-)

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi,

    if it were only that simple...

    Original photo of Mark by Tereza Marenzi - by the way a very nice one. https://teresamarenzi.com/albums/portfolio/content/mark-coniglio/lightbox/

    Too tired for a 16/9 version now, anyway psd-file attached.




  • Thanks to Jan van Hapert for the new "guru" backdrop!

    <3 Mark