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    Hi, I thought i'd add to this post as i'm also having problems with the Matrix Color Send actor in the ArtNet Send tutorial

    The "Single Color" section of the tutorial has the Matrix Color Send actor looking like this...

    But after running the tutorial using Izzy 3.0.7 it looks like this...

    You'll notice "base port" and "chan/port" have been replace with "port" and "flip mode" has disappeared.

    I'm using an Advatek PixLite 16 controller and one 2.5m, 50 RGB LED/m DCDC60B (WS2812B) pixel tape, also from Advatek

    I've managed to get the first 3 scenes ("Q0.5 Single ArtNet Universe", "Q1 ArtNet MVR User Actor" and "Q2 Test One Pixel") to work but when i go to "Q3 Single Color" scene only the first LED cycles between red, green blue and no others, which am assuming from the tutorial they should.

    I realise i'll have to change some settings, since the scenes were originally configured for 3 individual 144 RGB LED pixel tapes, but am having some difficulty figuring it out, so any assistance/advice is much appreciated.

    Like it says at the beginning of the tutorial... There's no two ways of saying it, ArtNet is complex

    Rgds, Mr J