NDI studio for wysiwyg with Isadora

  • Is it possible to connect NDI tool to isadora 3, not for input but for output, i want using NDI for WYSIWYG with Isadora 3.

  • Izzy Guru


    Not sure if you are asking for Isadora NDI output or NDI Tool output. But both is possible. In the stage setup window of Isadora you can send an NDI stream for each stage. If you want to receive an NDI stream you need to download the NDI Watcher plugin from the plugins page. https://troikatronix.com/plugi...

    Best Michel

  • Thank you Michel, i want using a video projector in isadora and send it with NDI Tool on my Wysiwyg from cast lighting -  and see the video play on my 3D stage, inside the video screen of Wysiwyg in LIVE mode, in perform R44. Cool , to know for NDI plugin for streming inside ISADORA 3. Best regards. Florent