Guru Session #12: Panoramic Projections Using Edge Blends (Fri May 1st, 6pm CEST/5pm GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT)

  • On Friday, May 1st, I'll welcome more novice users to learn about creating panomramic projections using multiple projectors. Even if you don't have projectors to work with during lockdown, Isadora's creator Mark Coniglio will show you the tools and techniques needed to blend multiple projectors into a single, continuous image. You'll learn about Isadora 3's Stage Setup editor and its associated Blend Maker tool, how to use blend curves to create a seamless blend, and how to prepare your media so that it meshes perfectly with panoramic output.

    All sessions begin at 6pm CEST/5pm GMT/12pm EDT/9am PDT.

    Links for the live stream link and materials for this session will be published here at 5:50pm CEST on May1st.

    See you there!

    Warm Wishes + Stay Safe,

  • Replying to this to bump it to the top! Starting today at 6pm CEST. ;-)

  • Link to the live stream.

    Download the materials for this session.

    See you in a minute!

  • This was a very interesting session, as usual !

    I never made soft edge with 2 or more projectors, but I remember that the position and the distance between the 2 projectors has to be the more precise possible, even if Isadora let user to make changes through Izzymap and Stage Setup.
    I found in my notes this drawing which explains how to calculate the best set up, if it's useful for someone.

    Best wishes.

    Soft edge_distance VP.pdf