Core actors Missing in Core version (Key-served)

  • Hello all,

    Strange problem there.
    So I have a keyserved version of Isadora Core.
    On one machine the installer works great and gives me a full version of the software with all the core actors.
    On my second machine the installer works great but when I open Isadora none of the Core actors are loaded.
    I have installed Quartz Composer on both machines and can tell no difference between them software wise.
    I did see this troubled machine load the Core actors ONCE after a fresh restart but never again. Even after restarting the machine it they did not come back.
    Any suggestions as to why the Core actors would be missing?
    Kind regards,
  • Izzy Guru

    Did you check your Izzy settings? Not sure if you are talking of the CI or the QC actors or both.


  • Dear Alex,

    Also read this [Knowledge Base]( article on the topic.
    Also, it is important that you tells:
    1) The name of your license so I can determine if you have the Core Video/Audio Upgrades
    2) The machines you are working on... pretty much every recent machine allows Core Video, but some with older graphics cards to not.
    3) The version of Isadora you are using
    4) And to make sure that one of them isn't just "Isadora", i.e., not "IsadoraCore" (The options Michel mentioned in the preferences will not be visible in the "Isadora"; they will be visible in "IsadoraCore".
    Best Wishes,

  • We figured out that we do not have the Core version for the Key Server.

    We are in the process of requesting an upgrade.
    Thank you kindly!!!