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  • I need Isadora to read MSC from my lighting desk. For my cuelist, is can read perfectly the incoming cues via MSC, but if I control a fader on my lighting desk, I only see a trigger receiving in the MSC Watcher when I set the command at "set".

    I should need to know which fader and the value of it. Anyone know how this can be done?

    If I look at the incoming monitor I see some raw midi coming in (sysex commands), but I can't see anything coming in on the other midi watchers in Isadora.


  • hi, could you tell us what is your lighting desk ?

    best regards


  • GrandMA onPC

  • Controlling faders is not done with MSC (MIDI SHOW CONTROL). You need to map the fader in MA to a MIDI CC value. I never sent midi with grandMa, I only ever use midi in, but I am pretty sure the route would be to create a macro for your executor that sends midi. I believe the syntax is MiCtr 0-127 and MiNote 0-127

    let me know if you need us to look at your patch

  • Why "not done"? I don't want to control faders with MSC, I just want feedback from MA to Isadora and MSC is the only way to go. With Bomes, I can receive the fader postion via MSC (as a Midi SysEx), so I wanted to use this is Isadora to. In the MSC watcher is get a trigger when I move the fader in MA, but I want to read out from which executor it is and the position of the fader. It's in de message, there is just no way to translate it according to what I've tried...

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    Hi there, 
    Isadora doesn't has the ability to listen to SysEx commands to my knowledge. I just double checked but you can only receive one of the following :

    1. Show Control
    2. Mono Pressure
    3. Note-Off
    4. Note-On
    5. Pitch Bend
    6. Poly Pressure
    7. Program Change
    8. Real Time

    You can send SysEx tough, but sadly not receive it and tear it apart. Great feature request, and perhaps with the Bone Translator you can also tear it apart and send MIDI that Isadora does regonize through a Virtual midi port. For example a MIDI Note with the Fader and a Pitch Bend with the Fader value scaled.

    Personally I use OSC (OpenSoundControl) over a TCP connection with my ETC Ion that allows me to follow the Cuelist but also receive the fader information from the desk if needed. Most of the time I change my cue list in ETC and that automatically gets updated on Isadora, so that is follows eachother with dedicated Cues in the lighting board.

    In GrandMA (Version 3) it seems that the sending OSC support is limited but can still be enough to actually make it happen. To do so, we can find the documenation here : https://help2.malighting.com/P..., please be aware that Isadora uses an UDP connection for OSC that might cause packets to drop, since it is not a protocol that checks or the packet has been delivered. It just throws it over the fence and 99% of the time it lands on the other side.

    Good luck !If you need any additional help, feel free to reach out.

  • @bram using bome to format the values to notes and CC for isadora is probably your best bet

  • Thx for the answers, but not really what I was looking for.

    The purpose was to make an Isadora patch to convert all my midi controllers to speak with GrandMA, with feedback back to the controllers.

    If I need Bomes to convert the MSC command, I can as well do everything in Bomes. I just wanted to use only 1 extra programm besides MA. I just wanted to do it all with Isadora because I thought I was more free to do some things, but with the limitation of nog receiving Midi Sysex commands, I can't do it...

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    Hold on, in OP (Orignal post) you state that you wish to talk with your Lighting desk. I didn't knew you also had external MIDI controllers. 


    Hi there, can you check the above forum thread and log the feature request to listen for MIDI SysEx ? 

  • @bram just quickly, midi show control does use the sysex header, can you copy and paste a midi message that is sent when you move the fader, it can help to see what is actually being sent out, or can you find what exactly is sent out from the manula when you move the faders?

  • @bram they way I remember it is that MA has a limitation on CC values so they can sell their overpriced fader wings. The workaround with bome is so you can send CC via the midi velocity. If you stick to notes and CC and skip the sysEx route, i dont see why isadora could not do the same

  • Controlling the MA isn't the problem, that is easy, but it is the feedback from the desk to the midi controller. 

    GrandMA only gives executor positions via Midi Show Control. So I wanted to catch this command to put the faders of the controller in position when the fader in de software changes