• Hello,

    I want to control a remote Panasonic camera

    do you know how to send an HTTP command like this:


  • @artabase

    It would seem that your camera is acting like it's a web server, responding on port 80. If so try this test:

    1) Ensure your computer and the camera are on the same network
    2) Enter the URL above into your browser
    3) Does the camera receive the command? 

    If so, then you should be able to use the Get URL Text actor to do the same thing that's happening in your browser.

    Just enter the URL into the 'url' input and trigger the 'get' input.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Just wanted to jump in and say that your solution works really well for the panasonic web control in their PTZ lineup, which has blown up in popularity since COVID hit. 

    For those looking to do preset recall on this series of camera, here is your syntax:

    http://[IP Address]/cgi-bin/aw_ptz?cmd=%23R[preset code]&res=1

    Where [IP Address] is to be replaced with the address of your camera unit and [preset code] is replaced with your preset number, beginning with 01

    Tested on a AW-UE70 successfully from Isadora 3.0.8