[SOLVED] Vertex Smoothing in Isadora Native v002 Rutt Etra

  • Dear All,

    For future reference: a user was disappointed that our v002 Rutt Etra plugin did not offer the same Vertex Smoothing control that the old Quartz Composer plugin offered. It turns out that the actual v002 Rutt Etra plugin itself does not offer this smoothing function. Instead, the Quartz Composer composition that hosted the actual v002 Rutt Etra Quartz Composer plugin did it with a blur.

    You can do the same in Isadora.

    The 'size' input of the Gaussian Blur actor is the same as the "Vertex Smoothing" input to the old QC Composition.

    Keep in mind: blurs are always expensive even on a GPU. The bigger the image and the bigger 'size' input, the more you will slow down Isadora. 

    Best Wishes,