• Is there a way to adjust the Live Capture Settings audio gain setting from within Isadora?

    Thank you.

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    This is an excellent question! +1 

    From my experience there is only audio volume control not direct channel gain control. It would be great to have control over gain as a patch level option particularly when developing patches with live audio input capture. Often changes occur inconsistently and require changing the capture gain but where is that in the patch - its not - you have to go and dig it out from the capture window so there is no way of predefining for different instruments or sounds.

    I have so wanted to have audio gain control in the scene editor. While there is some development of the audio system in Isadora now is a good time to make it a feature request.

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  • @TroikaTronix 

    would only refresh this feature request: an actor to control the sound level input (live capture) from inside a patch.