​[ANSWERED] Installing the NDI Watcher plugin for PC

  • I am not too savvy with a PC and I have three students who are trying to instal the NDI Watcher Plugin on PCs. They tell me they are offered two choices - QTR or Application File. I don't know which one they should chose to install and I don't even know why they have two options. Can anyone enlighten me so that I can enlighten them? 

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there, 

    Sorry about the long wait if this was an urgent request.

    1. Get the latest NDI Plugins from https://troikatronix.com/plugi...
    2. Unzip the folder and put it somewhere like in your documents
    3. Open up Isadora 3.x
    4. Go to Help > Open Plugins Folders > TroikaTronix Actor Plugins
    5. Paste the correct .izzyplug inside the opened folder. For example if you need the version for Isadora 3.0.7, Windows you navigate to NDI Watcher - Isadora 3.0.7 or after > Windows, put the folder with the extension .izzyplug inside the Plugin folder that we opened in Step 4.
    6. Restart Isadora (!) Changes to plugins wont take effect until you restart Isadora


    • Isadora 3.0.6 < and Isadora 3.0.7 > have different versions inside the Plugins Folder.
    • Isadora 2.x is not supported by the above plugins.
    • Isadora 3.0.6 and before only support NDI SDK 3, not 4 !
    • Isadora 3.0.7 and after only support NDI SDK 4.

  • @troikadawn said:

    They tell me they are offered two choices - QTR or Application File.

     I'm sorry for the confusion. It seems the installation instructions were missing in the 0.9.7 release of NDI Watcher.

    I've updated the plugin download to v0.9.8 which is the latest version. This includes simplified instructions for installing.

    Best Wishes,