Initialising values for all scenes?

  • Hi all,

    A quick question - I have an Izzy project made up of a  number of scenes. In each scene there is an OSC transmit actor sending data out to TouchOSC on an iPad. Before starting, I have to go to each actor in each scene and input the ip address to the actor (it's portable so, potentially different wireless networks are used). Is there a way I can have an initialise scene where I can type in the address once and have it sent to the OSC Transmit actors in the other scenes?
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  • Tech Staff

    You could solve this problem with a user actor.
    Create a user actor that contains your OSC settings. Edit it once and all instances of the actor will update.
    The other option would be to remove the osc part from each scene and put it all in a secondary active scene, but this approach requires more work.

  • Thanks DusX, both really useful suggestions. I'll explore. In fact removing the OSC info into a secondary active scene may well solve it all - thanks!

  • Beta Tester

    Probably overkill for this but I really like to use the Data Array actor to have one configuration scene that writes a file and then recall those settings in other scenes.

  • Hi Matthew,

    Not overkill at all, that sounds really interesting and may well help with future projects. Thanks

  • Thanks MatthewH. I've used dedicated setup scenes. The Data Array actor could produce a generic solution adaptable to individual performance needs.