[ANSWERED] Simultaneously Capturing Isadora's Video and Audio Output to One File?

  • New Isadora user here, trying to sort out recording the stage output. My use case is as follows:

    Ideally I would like to use Izzy to generate audio reactive visuals. I have not figured out how to record the audio occuring in Izzy at the same time as the visual output of the stage. For instance, if I have a movie with audio and manipulate that video, when I record the stage output, the media file created by isadora is absent the audio that I was hearing will playing the movie in isadora.

    I have seen old posts about recording the audio with soundflower etc, but it seems that would add an additionl step where I would have to run the audio and video into another video editing app and sync up the audio with the video file created by recording the stage.

    Is there a means by which I can record the stage and audio output as one media file from within Isadora?

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    You can't record the audio with Isadora. But as you read in another thread with soundflower you can route your audio to an outside application like Syphon Recorder. In Isadora in the "stage setup" window you can activate syphon for your stage and you will get the stream in Syphon Recorder as well. You don't have to sync the audio and video later.

    Best Michel

  • @michel wonderful! I will give it a try later tonight....just out of curiosity, is this something that Isadora may implement in the future? Seems like a somewhat requested feature. I understand that Izzy seems to primarily oriented at visual output/reactivity, but more audio integration would be amazing.

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    Another option I use, is to use OBS for recording (a cross platform solution). It also can pickup system audio and create videos with both audio and video.
    I find it to have very optimized GPU based capture, and since it is a separate application, it helps to free up Isadora processes so that you can create even more complex scenes.
    You will however (on PC laptops) need to ensure both OBS and Isadora are assigned to use the dedicated graphics card (conflicts will occur if you try to use default power saving modes)


  • @dusx I tried messing about with OBS and Isadora yesterday for a bit, but sadly my old 2013 MacBook almost caught on fire with the two of them running :) although, this new interest I've found in video work has me leaning to upgrade my laptop

  • Update: Tried a quick trial of recording Izzy's video output and live USB audio together via syphon recorder. As a proof of concept it works. Sadly my 2013 13" macbook is vastly underpowered for this. Especially since I was also running live video into Izzy at the same time. heres a short youtube clip of the crude results. the video and audio are both of me using my modular synth setup.

  • Further explorations with Video/Audio input and Izzy. Until I update my computer hardware, processing live video is too much for my laptop. So, currently the best workflow I’ve found is to record the video/audio via OBS as a “raw” take. Afterwards, I bring in the OBS movie into isadora and do all the processing after the fact. Syphon recorder records the Isadora stage visual output, and isadora audio (coming from the movie) is sent to the syphon recorder audio input via Loopback app.

    The tunes are nothing special; modular synth sequence played on a Bugbrand 4U synth