[LOGGED] Virtual 3D camera feature request

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    There is possibly never going to be an optimal moment to make feature requests associated with the 3D workflow in Isadora. Yet it is, for me, one of the most powerful ecologies of modes and actors in Isadora. The potential of integrating 3D elements with live performance and projection is just great, imo.

    When it comes time to redress the feature requests for 3D in Isadora, along with an update to compatible file types, an upgrade to the 3DStage Orientation module to allow more functionality as a virtual camera would be brilliant. Adding tilt, pivot and points of interest’ style parameters would be wonderful. At the moment the the controls to emulate a virtual camera are too limited for a lot of potential use.

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  • @bonemap

    Improvements in the way Isadora manages 3D would be great, as you suggest Russel, a 3D space with coordinates and the ability to control the camera precisely.
    This could be beneficial to illumination by implementing spot lights parameters too.

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