How do I get ART NET commands?

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    friends, tell me how to get ART NET commands? is the - actor  Artnet receiver responsible for this correctly? how to send commands, everything is clear thanks to the ArtNet Send Tutorial. thank you very much for the detailed explanation!!!

    whether it is possible to send commands using the actor ArtNet Send and immediately accept it using actor ArtNet Receive - such an example would be enough for me.

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    Why would you loopback ArtNet from Isadora to Isadora?

    Could you tell us what you wish to do?

  • да. для примера. именно так.

  • and in general, the artnet team will go from the light mixer.

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    @cacoos said:

    да. для примера. именно так.

     Okay, so what you can do actually is use MIDI Show Control if you wish to control scene's. That is also already pre-built in the program. See Scenes > MSC Cueing options. That way if you send MIDI Show Control data like a Go command it will go to the next scene. Really powerfull and also something that all major vendors of Lighting desk support. 

    If you wish to go the ArtNet route, you can do that if you use the 'Artnet Receive' actor, set the channel range that you wish to receive by doing X - Y. So if you wish to receive channel 1 - 100 you do 1 - 100 in the channel input of that Actor. When you sent ArtNet to the correct Universe you will now receive ArtNet channel data in the dedicated channel.

    With that data you can control Isadora through an concept called 'Master Scene' or 'Active Scene' that basically holds the logic to jump to certain elements of your show. Let me know if you need an example :)

  • Juriaan! thanks for the quick response!
    yes, if you can show an example.
    actor artnet sent to actor artnet recever - so can this bundle work? 

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    Yes it can work. But you will replace the ArtNet send with your lighting desk ? Is that right ?

  • @juriaan said:

    Yes it can work. But you will replace the ArtNet send with your lighting desk ? Is that right ?


     this is for example only