Read text from a file : I wrote a plugin

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  • Thanks for this plugin. It works great, even in 2017 with the latest version of Izzy! Just what I needed.

  • Glad to read this, as I didn't test it with Isadora 2! Happy VJing!

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    This readtextfromfile plugin is one I've utilised extensively in a number of projects.
    Sadly, it doesn't work with Isadora 3.
    Is there an easy way to update it, or recompile it, or whatever, so that it does?

    I realise that there are other solutions available, but I do like this one :-)

  • @mark_m said:

    Sadly, it doesn't work with Isadora 3.

     It does now. ;-)

    I spent a hour on Benoît's plugin this morning and recompiled it for Mac and Windows. 

    Now, I have an "official" file reading plugin in waiting in the wings, which I've been wanting to get out. (I've been consumed by making sure Isadora 3 runs well on Catalina fixes this past week.) It does not, however, have the char/file/line/paragraph option that Benoît's plugin has.

    One thing that for sure wouldn't have worked in the old version: if you have a fie path that included non ASCII characters liek ü, ø, ç, etc, it would not have opened the file. I've fixed that by updating Benoît's plugin to handle Unicode file paths.

    But there's a few things that caught my eye as I examined the code. I don't quite understand why he would send output text using CR/LF line endings when the source file is CR/LF, because Isadora's going to have trouble parsing that: Isadora uses CR as a line ending internally, due to it's MacOS origins. And it seems a little ineffecient to me to read the file every time you change a char/line/paragraph number. I guess that's no big deal for small files, but what if it was huge?

    Anyway, these critique notwithstanding, here's are the usual caveats: I didn't write it, it's not official, it may crash, blow up, or allow evil clowns to enter your living room. I do not have much time to repsond if there are bugs but hopefully it will "just work."

    The updated source code is included.

    Mark (FOR ISADORA 3, 64 bit!)

  • @mark said:

    allow evil clowns to enter your living room

    That bit I don't have a problem with!

    @mark thank you so much for that hour. Well spent, in my humble opinion! And yes, I will enjoy!


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    @mark said:

    allow evil clowns to enter your living room


  • Hi everybody,

    A nice coincidence that I was just working on a patch that could read texts from a file and just saw this forum thread updated a couple of days ago. I first tried the old plugin on version 2.6.1 of Isadora and later moved to Isadora 3 to try the new plugin Mark compiled. When I trigger the 'read' input Isadora crashes. Not always, but most of the times. Does anyone experienced this problem? Thanks!

    I used Isadora 3 on a Lenovo Y520, with Core i7-7700HQ, 4 cores, Windows 10, 16 Gig Memory and a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card



  • Dear @a3sh

    Well, at least evil clowns didn't come into your living room. ;-)

    Seriously, not sure what could be going wrong. Can you .zip and post the file you're trying to read.

    That said, I'm on macOS Catalina compatibility duty for the next several days... so I may not be able to look into this immediately.

    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,

    I was running for the evil clowns the last couple of days, but I am back and managed to grap the file. I just tried it again and now it seems to work. I didn't change a thing in my project. But anyway, here is the file I used to test it. I can imagine that it makes finding the problem a bit difficult. Thanks!


    Text File