• Dear Community,

    This is the place for questions or comments about Syphon Virtual Webcam, a free, open-source app for macOS that routes Syphon video to a virtual web cam, allowing apps that don't offer Syphon input to receive a Syphon video signal.

    Syphon Virtual Webcam relies on the OBS Mac Virtual Camera driver. You can see their list of compatible applications here.

    Please make sure to read the Syphon Virtual Camera Help that appears when you first run the program.

    To get the latest version, please jump to our plugins page.

    Here's a short video tutorial to get you going:

    One important compatibility test we performed recently was to try Syphon Virtual Webcam with the Blackboard collaborative teaching software. We had no problems using Syphon Virtual Webcam with Blackboard Collaborate when running under Google Chrome.

    We are aware that this app is a bit CPU hungry; your fans might start to spin when running it. If it turns out to be widely useful, we will put time and energy into making it more efficient.

    We look forward to your questions and comments. Post them in this thread on the forum.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark Coniglio
    Creator of Isadora

  • Dear All,

    I just published Syphon Virtual Webcam v0.9.5. The following fixes have been implemented:

    • Ensured that the OBS Virtual Camera Is Inactive screen would not appear when the Syphon source had a very slow frame rate.
    • Ensured that “App Nap” was disabled for Syphon Virtual Camera.
    • Fixed a bug where a scrambled image would be shown if the Syphon source width was not divisible by 4.
    • Fixed a few small memory leaks
    • Added "Download the Latest Version" to the Help Menu

    To get the latest version, please jump to our plugins page.

    Best Wishes,