• Hi there,

    I've had this issue a few times. Once during a gig (not so good) and two times during rehearsals today, and again twice just now trying to run the show just as I would during a gig.

    The player just freezes during playback (no external input is given to the computer). When it freezes, it does not respond to any clicks, and then after about 30-40 seconds it just continues playing. The scenes are pretty simple, and the crashes have happened in different patches (doing more or less the same with different approaches). 

    So far this has only happened on my NEW notebook (the one listed in the signature. W10 version 2004). I've just tried on the old one (2012, still running 1903 version of W10) and it worked fine. Whereas the new one crashed again.

    The videos are quite heavy FHD HAPQ files, but if the old guy can handle them, it should not be the heaviness. Maybe I've got different codecs loaded on both systems.

    The freezes happen in different places of the movie and I'm not able to reproduce it. However it seems to be more frequent these days, maybe just coincidence.

    Any "general" suggestion on how to prevent player freezes in W10? Are there any known "not to does"? I'm not running any other app in the foreground, and the background has nothing heavy to do (unless I forget disabling windows updates and it happens to be update day).

  • @gaspar

    I'm going to get @DusX involved in this because he's the Windows expert. When you have problems like this, opening a ticket and marking it "urgent" (since you're in a performance situation) is the fastest way to get your issue handled by the right person. Please use that route in the future.

    I've taken the liberty of opening a ticket to ensure he sees it as soon as possible. Please look for it in your email.

    Best Wishes,

  • dear Gaspar, (I'm throwing a stone in the water) but as the machine is new,
    maybe it's a ram pb, (happened a lot to me recently to have ram mistakes) did you try running a hardware test to check them? bests

  • @bennnid Thank for the hint. I've just run the RAM test with no issues. So probably it is not the RAM.

    I think it might have to do with the graphics card. Sometimes it behaves strange.

    1. Sometimes it hides the stage screen (secondary display) when I do anything outside ISADORA, even something in the task bar like safely remove a usb drive. Then it comes back when I hide and show stages again. When I close ISADORA and start it again, it normally works fine again.

    2. The secondary display (STAGE) also flickers when I change /open a window on my main screen.

    I guess it is a WINDOWS issue, but for the rest the system runs fine. Sometimes do quite intensive 4K video edition with noise reduction and colorisation... it gets hot, but does the job.

    My old guy just runs smooth.

  • @mark Thank you. Nice to have it running under urgent. Anyway and fortunately I still have my old guy who seems to run the show smoothly.

  • Tech Staff

    @gaspar said:

    NEW notebook (the one listed in the signature. W10 version 2004)

     Have you done the graphics card setup as described in this article for Windows laptop users of Isadora 3?

  • @woland I just took some time to check. Strange enough my Laptop does not have any other graphics card than the RTX 2070, at least not listed in device manager, nor NVIDIA control panel or elsewhere (It is an OCTANE VI built by PC-Specialist). So NVIDIA RTX 2070 is alreadly the one ISADORA is using. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of options I could activate, deactivate or change. Maybe I could tweak something there, but I've no clue in what direction. I've messed around by intuition, generally preferring performance over quality and sometimes allowing the application to decide. I'll see it that helped in any way (well right now it made a W10 update... always scary. I tend to not connect that system to the internet, but since it was not working well anyway, maybe now it does.