• Might be of interest to people here, didn't see a mention anywhere after a quick search. I went to a show last night on zoom, they were using this ZoomOSC https://www.liminalet.com/zoom... to get more control over things with zoom. The in development app Streamweaver sounds really interesting too. Show was https://electricdreamsfestival...

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    This is really interesting. However there are a couple of things that are a bit disconcerting.

    1/ there is no specification or download for the software available that I could easily identify

    2/ there are workflow diagrams and mention of Isadora specifically, but the developers have not engaged with this forum - for example to vet beta testers

    I hope the developers claims are legitimate, but there is just not enough available through the website link provided. If anyone gets more info or specification please let us know. It could be that I just missed something.

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  • @nick said:

     I went to a show last night on zoom, they were using this ZoomOSC https://www.liminalet.com/zoom... to get more control over things with zoom.


    Wrote the developers to ask for more information.

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  • Hi everyone! I am Andy, the president of Liminal and the creator of ZoomOSC and Streamweaver. @mark reached out to me via email, and I wanted to follow up on this post.

    Isadora is part of our recommended workflow for online performances using either our ZoomOSC or StreamWeaver product. With ZoomOSC, we have created a bidirectional OSC bridge that Isadora can connect through using the built in OSC listeners and senders. This allows our customers to add Zoom automation to their patches. They can spotlight, pin, or do most things they would do as Zoom hosts but instead of clicking through the UI, they just send an OSC command. On the return line, we can get information over OSC from Zoom about where people are in the gallery view, send OSC packets when people turn video on/off or mute/unmute, etc. Together, these tools allow for both serialized and nonlinear/reactive cueing to be created to control Zoom, and the deployments can be as simple as making a virtual Zoom switcher in Isadora to building an "auto-switch" engine that dynamically crops out users from the gallery view to create virtual iso feeds of meeting participants, as was done recently with a production of Tartuffe in NYC.

    For StreamWeaver, we can take things even further! We are still in prototyping, but we have confirmed that we can send ArtNet and OSC to and from remote talent running our StreamWeaver Talent interface to operators running StreamWeaver Technician, so a lighting designer can fade in a light in a remote performer's home, for example. We just verified the transmission using Isadora's ArtNet and OSC integrations (in addition to a few other programs to confirm our results). StreamWeaver is also used to gather HD AV from talent and provide them to technicians as NDI iso feeds.

    I am happy to take a more active role on this forum to communicate our developments. Regarding our sparse details on StreamWeaver, the inner workings have only been explained to users in a private Alpha that have signed NDAs, but we will be broadening to a public Beta in a few weeks and hope to be commercially available in September. We have just recently relaunched our website to announce that ZoomOSC is now free! We now provide a direct download link along with sample patches and our OSC API. 

    I am happy to engage in further discussion with you, and would love to explore any interest you might have in deepening our integration with Isadora more directly. As of right now, everything we are doing is working with the protocols in a media-server-agnostic way.

    Thank you again for your interest, and please let us know on our website if you would like to be involved in beta testing!

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    All very exciting news, thanks so much for sharing! We and our community very much look forward to giving your software a test-drive :)

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    Hi Andy. Welcome to the forum. I will be following this very closely and have already checked out the website. Thanks. 

  • @liminal_andy Thanks for this great new tool !! I downloaded the folder for the instalation but there is no Mac instalador only the Windows ...Is it correct? Or I missed something ?



  • @ril The ZoomOSC executable runs on Windows 10, but because it uses the OSC network protocol, it can accept OSC data from any device on the network, including other PCs, MacOS devices, and smartphones. I am happy to help you brainstorm a solution to get ZoomOSC working with your system. In theory, you could run it on a cheap compute stick depending on what you want to do.

    Edit: In case you are wondering, we do plan to have StreamWeaver be conventionally cross platform, with MacOS and Windows clients

  • @liminal_andy Thank you ! So with an Android tablet could work....but It would be great to have a Mac versión so its all integrated from Isadora



  • @ril Agreed! A native MacOS client would definitely be nice addition to ZoomOSC, and perhaps when we have completed StreamWeaver, I will return my attention to building such a port.