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    I'm building a Show where Isadora will control 8 Arduinos, and each Arduino will control two 12V motors that will revolve panels on the set. I have built the prototypes for the first 4 panels and everything is working fairly well, but have discovered that Isadora in Windows 7 only sees up to 9 COM ports, even though Windows has assigned my Arduinos to COM ports 5-12. (These are speaking serial over individual USB connections to each Arduino) Can Isadora recognize COM ports with 2 digits? Or do I have to reassign the ports in Windows?

    Thanks, Duncan

  • Hi,
    I will not really answer your question but maybe that's a lead :
    Maybe you should go for a DMX solution.
    You can run 512 channels on a single DMX cable over 100m without problems.
    It seems Arduinos can handle DMX (RS-485) protocol. Otherwise these french people are selling 6 DMX channel cards directly driving servo motors :

    Hope it helps.


  • Tech Staff

    Reassigning the com ports is pretty quick in. Windows 7. That might just be the easiest method. Just reassign one at a time as you connect the usbs.

  • Dear Duncan,

    I thought I had addressed this some time ago. The Windows version searches COM ports 0 through 255 (though it used to do 0 to 9.) What version are you using?
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