[ANSWERED] Get PD generated graphics (PD) into Isadora (same machine)

  • Hi, I'm working with a colleague who is a PD purist :-D

    He's created really cool graphics that I map using Isadora. Up to now I was capturing his video output with a capture card. So that way is pretty straight forward. But now we plan running everything inside my machine (PD included).

    Is there any direct way to go from GEM (the graphics engine used by PD) to Isadora? Would be great not having to use OBS or other third parties. I've looked around but haven't found anything helpful so far. I've found a SPOUT library for GEM, but it is an alpha and was released in november 2016, with no further releases.


  • @gaspar spout is going to be your best bet (apart from using the same method of output and capture - which should still be possible on a single machine). Does this old spout library work?

  • @fred haven't tested the library, but I've read it works fine with "newer" releases (post from 2018) and it might have trouble with PD extended (I think latest release was 2013), which my colleague uses. Porting all to vanilla would be a huge endeavour since it is a lot what he's done, and all relying on extended. Nevertheless, I'll give it a try and post back.