Video interface with more than one (SD) output?

  • Hi folks!

    Maybe this is a silly question for some of you, but I can't seem to find a video interface for a computer (preferable with USB or FIrewire connectivity) that can deliver more than one Video output. I would only need SD signals, preferrably with BNC connectors. Maybe I type in the wrong words in google, but I just can't find a simple SD Video interface with let's say 4 or 8 independent outputs. For an upcoming installation, I need to feed up to 9 14" SD Broadcast Monitors.. they all have FBAS and SD-SDI connectivity. Of course I can use one output of our existing Canopus DVC-110 and daisy chain the monitors, but it'll be great to speak to some of them individually. Any ideas?
    Thx a lot!

  • what computer?

    basically you have one(or two) video out only per graphic card. with laptop you can use just one out signal. 
    desktop machines can have multiple outs via added graphics cards.
    laptops with thunderbolt or similar can have few extra video outs.
    so video output from computer is not easy task.
    depending of your setup idea it may be cheaper and more easy to use media(DVD, HDD) players for each monitor.
  • Izzy Guru

    Yes we need more information please. 

    (Note: if you put your system specs in your signature it will avoid future questions of this nature) - _N__ot being awkward/funny it's just a suggestion we make on this forum._

  • Hi guys,

    You're right, I could have been a bit more specific...
    At work, I'm using 2 13" MacBook Pro Computers, one with a 2,4 GHz Core2Duo and 4GB RAM (5400 RPM HD, yeah.. well...) and an Intel onboard graphics card ( I don't have it right here, I guess it's a HD 3000), the other one with a 2,7 GHz Core i5, also 4GB RAM and a similar HD. I think the Graphics hardware is the same, I know it hasn't got a dedicated graphics card, only onboard. I know this isn't ideal for working with Isadora, but that's what we have to work with. So, the solution should be USB or Firewire. The only firewire interfaces that I know are the Canopus DVC-110 and the MotU V4HD, both can do SD video, but only one channel... BTW, both computers are running OS X, one is on 10.6 and one on 10.8, windows is not an option at the moment.. Also, DVDs ore media players are not an option, because there is no way to get them in sync.
    I hope this helps. Thank you in advance!

  • I have successfully used a triplehead2go out of a 13" mbp with three VGA to Composite adapters plugged into the output of the triplehead.  I used something like this, but there are many different options available at many different quality/price points.  Since composite video is only 640x480 resolution, it will not be overly taxing on your CPU/GPU.

  • Tech Staff

    I was just going to suggest the same as Craig. The triple head would be seen by your system as one 1920 x 480 output. You might want to confirm that you onboard video can handle that. But if yes Isadora will let you assign video in thirds so you have three separate SD outputs.

  • Izzy Guru

    There is a option for wd mediaplayers to play sync, its open source and free:


  • I tend to like hardware solutions over pushing computer too far. Michel's suggestion is what I would use when reliability is must.

  • Thank you guys,

    I already thought of using a triplehead2go and converting the outputs, we even have one at work, but it is a special edition with DVI outputs and it does not work with the macbooks, because there's a special "DP Edition" with miniDP connectivity... Thank you Michel for the interesting link, I have a WD TV myself, but it's a later version. I'm a bit hesitant to use this device with a hacked firmware in a professional, necessarily "failsafe" environment. But I will experiment with my private one, because this is a nice solution.. If only all those nice mediaplayers would simply understand OSC, I could even control them with Izzy!

  • I have successfully used the TripleHead Digital (NOT Digital SE) with DVI outputs with the Macbook Pro, even though it says that it is not compatible on the Matrox website.  If you attach passive DVI-VGA adapters you can then connect the VGA to composite converters.