• Dear Forum,

    is there a way to set up augmented reality features with isadora?

    f.e. filming the person standing in front of a video screen as if it were a mirror and letting stuff appear in the picture / on their face / their body?

    Thank you!


  • @rosa you can do some rudimentary stuff using the openNi actors and any of the supported depth cameras. The skeleton tracking will give you coordinates of the body parts (you can use these to add an animated layer in the correct position and layer it over the colour video stream of the depth camera. The biggest limitation is that the cameras will most likely have to be fixed and the resolution that the depth and skeleton tracking outputs from the openNi actor is 640*480. There is no way to accurately calibrate another higher quality video stream from another camera to the stream from the depth camera.

    You could use more advanced tracking like a mocap system (tracking both the person and the camera) to resolve the coordinates but the tools for doing this are expensive and require some layers of intermediate processing outside of the abilities of Isadora.

  • @fred thank you!!