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    I have trouble with hiding cursor over the stage.
    When I show stage, the cursor gets hidden.
    But as soon as I reclick on isadora's window to patch, the hiding cursor is not working any more.
    machine is windows7 + nvidia gpu
    Some feedbacks from other users would be great to collect infos for a good bug report

  • Dear Mehdi,

    I'm confused by your comment. The cursor should only hide over a full screen window. If you could please clarify:
    1) How many screens are you using (one or two?)
    2) On which screen is your Isadora patch?
    3) On which screen is the full screen window?
    4) On which screen is the cursor when this happens?
    The information you've give isn't enough for me to recreate the problem. If you can give a bit more detail, I'll check it out.
    Best Wishes,

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    Hi Mark

    2 Screens:
    screen 1: main Windows screen with patching window
    screen 2: Stage1 full screen
    When I press show stages, the cursor is hidden over the stage > everything works perfect
    But when I show stages, the patching window is not my "active window" any more .
    When I click again on the patching window, then the cursor is not hidden any more over the stage.
    If I click on the stage, then the cursor hides.
    It reacts like if the stage were a window, that needs to be the "first plan window" that the cursor is hidden.
    I'm sorry it's not that easy to explain writing for me. If my explainations are too confused we can talk shortly that I explain you... sorry for my lack of english vocabulary !

  • I think we're getting there: you say "When I click again on the patching window" -- that means you've moved the mouse back to screen 1 and clicked on it. At this point the cursor should be visible -- and I assume that it is.

    But, what you're saying, is that when you move the cursor back over the Stage, without clicking on it, it doesn't hide.

    Is that it?


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    "But, what you're saying, is that when you move the cursor back over the Stage, without clicking on it, it doesn't hide."

    exactly !


  • This bug is fixed for 1.3.0f25. Furthermore, showing the stage no longer deactivates the main window.