[LOGGED] Some basic features for Control Panel elements

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    Hi there, 

    I'm currently working on some Interface elements for a Client, and it seems that some elements are missing some features that really limits me in the way that I can make my User Interface elements. And I would love to see the following :)


    1. Ability to pick the textcolor
    2. Ability to input X and Y position. Width and Height is already supported by this element, why not position as well ?
    3. They have no support in the 'Button Text' field when you edit the element to render the full UTF-8 charset. For example if we use an emoticon it renders perfectly fine, but it doesn't render in the Button Text field but showcases the 'box' instead.
    4. The option to select the Background color for the Up and Down position of the button. I know about the image trick ;)

    Edit Text

    1. Ability to pick the background color of the field. Currently the only option is white.
    2. Position X / Y
    3. They have support for all UTF-8 characters <3


    1. Ability to set the background color
    2. Ability to set the foreground color (text)
    3. Position X / Y

    Cheers !


  • @juriaan

    I would add:


    • color for background and thumb (at this time the color is for both)

    Button, Radio Button and Edit text

    • left, right and center also for vertical position

    a VU-Meter like "slider"



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    More to add :) 


    1. Ability to set the Arrow that opens the Dropdown to either Left or Right.
    2. Feature to set the padding or set the default padding a bit more ;) Currently feels that it lacks some room to breath

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  • I would forego all other GUI upgrades for just fixing the Edit Text white background :)

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    It is a real pain for all nice UI..

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