Cannot move stage preview

  • no matter what size or corner i grab, i cant get move the preview window to move.  i am not using multiple screens.  its almost like its stuck under the menu bar.  if route to another stage other than 1, i do not have this problem.  i hooked up a projector and moving the menu bar to another screen does not help.  probably an obvious fix, please help.  506f64-screen-shot-2013-05-28-at-9.29.24-pm.png

  • Dear treK,

    This is a known bug that is fixed in the [current pre-release version]( It happens because you previously had the Window on an external monitor with no menu bar at the top, and now that second monitor is disconnected.
    You can solve this problem by deleting your preferences as described [here](
    Best Wishes,

  • worked perfectly.  thanks mark!

  • Tech Staff

    I get this now and again. Changing your screen resolution back and forth sometimes forces it to move down.

  • Dear Skulpture,

    Well, as I said, I've addressed this in the pre-release.
    Best Wishes,

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