• Trying to create a live performance using skype (because of NDI Watcher not working with zoom). However, skype does not recognize OBS virtual camera (zoom does). I need to use skype via OBS virtual camera so that can get live actors with no background acting in front of a green screen. Suggestions for a way around this?

  • @costolas

    O mac older version of Skype support NDI. You must download version 8.59 and start it from the image. Don't install it because it updates automatically. So you can use NDI and other external input with Skype.



  • @costolas  I just did an online event with 5 artists skyping to Isadora via NDI for over 3 hours straight. It worked quite well actually. Make sure your NDI is enabled in your Skype's advance preference. Have fun!

  • You could use OBS.Ninja instead of Skype?