• Hi there,

    How to resize my Isadora window automatically ? Is there an actor to do that ?

    Just for one scene in my show, I use the Screen Capture actor and I need to reduce my Isadora Window to make a room for my Firefox window to be screencaptured

    It's not convienient to manually adjust the size, I'd like to have it done automatically and then go back to the full screen size when I leave the scene...

    Thanks for helping

  • @dabenny until then try applescript, here is a post on the subject of changing window size: LINK

    Triggering it from isadora is talked about here on the forum, try a search. Osculator maybe?

  • On a Mac, check out Better Touch Tool. It can accept midi triggers as inputs and use them to trigger pre-programmed window sizes (as well as almost any OSX function and a million other things).

    On Windows, I believe AutoHotKey can resize windows, but I'm not sure how to trigger that from Isadora. Though since you're operating, it sounds like a pair of custom hotkeys (in and out of the scene) would do most of what you're hoping for.