• Hi all,

    I have been loving all the support towards building remote performances and was avidly following the guru sessions. So I am building a remote performance and one of the things I would like to do is have an NDI audio feed control the scale of a 3d object. I know how to do this normally (with a sound level watcher or sound frequency watcher from a live input) BUT to be able to use an NDI source seems beyond me. Well, I can do it using NDI virtual input (I think) but I am looking to use all four channels of Live Audio (each controlling its own object) so that would be four separate NDI audio feeds. 

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I figure something else out? 

    Thank you in advance!

  • It seems like the best solution would be Soundflower but since I am on Windows, I don't know of the similar program.

  • You might want to check this out. It's so new the website for it isn't even finished updating :)


  • Tech Staff

    On windows, I tend to use Voice Meeter from https://vb-audio.com as a virtual audio routing tool.
    (vb-audio also offer some simple virtual audio cables as well).
    I like Voice Meeter because I can mix and route audio. (it comes in a few versions, with more and more channels)

    I haven't tried to use NDI audio into it.. so thats something new to workout.

  • @dusx that's a great tip. Thanks! Of course, its all about working out the workflow. I'll investigate and report back!

  • Explored some more and got some feedback for everyone (still working out the kinks but figured I should report back).  I am currently using VB Virtual Cable which allows to connect virtual sources. I selected the virtual cable on the  audio out field in the NDI Watcher Beta and then selected the same virtual cable in the live inputs. This allowed me to bring the audio from the individual NDI sources to the live inputs in Isadora. Still a few kinks (the separation between the various sources is tenuous because of audio feedback and the responsiveness of the connection requires a couple of restarts) but definitely a work around!