• Catalina? isadora 3,07?  the second day is in great trouble. that's how? what's the problem??? MacBookpro-2020. Blackmagic ultrastudio4k. Help Mee!!!There were no problems for 5 years. renewed - and horror!

  • camera-with many plugins when bypass -off = problems.  bypass-on= all good.....

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    Feel free to open a support ticket so we can get to the bottom of this for you, but right now I'm at the end of my workday so here's a quick workaround that I think might solve the problem for you in the meantime. EXAMPLE FILE

    EDIT: See comment below for new example file. The original one I forgot to change the second Projector to Stage 2.

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  • @cacoos said:

    what's the problem??? MacBookpro-2020

     I set up a test case with the following

    Catalina 10.15.6
    Blackmagic Desktop Video 11.6 (Latest Version)
    Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (I don't have an Ultrastudio 4k)
    Isadora 3.0.7
    HD Camera with HDMI Output at 1920x1080

    As you can see with the attached movie, everything works as expected.


    Do I understand correctly that if there is no Contrast Adjust actor, everything looks fine?

    What resolution are you capturing? Is it a 4k Image?

    Also, it seems the Ultrastudio allows capture at greater than 8 bit depth. But Isadora would only process 8 bit images. Are you sure you're capturing 8 bit?

    Please answer all the questions above so we can help you further.

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    In my first file I forgot to change the second Projector to Stage 2 so here's a new example file and screenshot.

    3.0.7 Blackmagic Workaround.zip

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