• Hello,
    ive noticed that when i manually change the value-in in the Gate actor and trigger the on/off with toggle actor the value sometimes randomly doesnt want to go to the value-out. See video.

    If i add a float-counter for instance it works fine... im aware the manual option would not be used as much but i feel this is a glitch or bug?

    Im aware in the video creative cloud was still running but ive tested it without and same thing happend.

    I dont use isadora very often so maybe im missing a thing here...

  • Izzy Guru


    The problem is that if you change the number while the gate is closed it will not get pushed out if you open it. Only the moment you change the number it gets pushed out, afterwards it will just be there but not pushed.

    Best Michel 

  • Tech Staff

    What you can do is add an Trigger value actor before your Gate and add that as input inside your 'in' input. 

    This happens because Izzy will not sent out values if they haven't changed inside a Gate actor

  • Tech Staff

    To illustrate what the others are saying, here's a gif that shows how the Gate will only allow values through that while it is "on".

    As Michel said, when you turn a Gate on, it does not automatically push a value from the input if that value is just static.