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  • For those making performances for Zoom...

    Just noticed that the latest version of Zoom (5.2) now has a native NDI Video option when selecting camera sources. I have been using OBS Virtual camera as well as Mark's Syphon Virtual Webcam to output Isadora to Zoom. Now one process is removed. Selecting NDI from Stage Setup allows for direct NDI video access by Zoom. I am using Virtual NDI Input to select the correct NDI source (Isadora - Stage). Input from Zoom still does not appear to be NDI supported yet.

    Re: [Community Effort: Get Zoom to Support Syphon / Spout](/topic/6657/community-effort-get-zoom-to-support-syphon-spout)

  • So I guess this isn’t new news - guess I missed this a few months back when Zoom updated. 

  • @bfreeland Im on Zoom v3 just updated... Im sending video from Isadora (ndi output selected)... but I Cant see the option for ndi sources in zoom video settings...Maybe im doing something wrong? Thanks a lot



  • @bfreeland said:

    has a native NDI Video option when selecting camera sources.

     Good that you mention this so we're all aware. But I just wanted to throw in that the downside of NDI is the inherent delay. Using Syphon, delay will be at most one frame.

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  • @mark that is also good to know !!!



  • @BFreeland 

    Is this using the NDI Virtual Input application? If so, I don't think it's native to Zoom, it's just that the computer sees the Virtual Input as a possible webcam source. I believe it's the same process as using a Syphon/Spout virtual camera.

    So far I don't think Zoom natively accepts NDI streams -- if it did you'd see a lot more options on the camera select menu (and one would have the name of your Isadora stage's output!)

    best, Django

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    Thanks for this . I tried it this morning , managed to stream NDi direct from my mobile to zoom via the virtual Ndi app. Great stuff !

  • @django Looking more into this -- going to do an uninstall on a few NDI products that may confusing the issue. Standby...

  • @bfreeland I am pretty sure what @BFreeland offered is the case, I am up to date in zoom and there is no native NDI as far as I can tell. Also in general I would expect the syphon method that @mark had made possible with the OBS virtual camera will have less overhead as it can use texture sharing at least in one stage of the handoff. NDI will require CPU based encoding and decoding for the image to be passed.

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    Why did they remove the NDI option? 😭

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    @Woland said:

    Why did they remove the NDI option? 

     Sadly, I just found out. NDI for Zoom is apparently behind a $200/month paywall 😡

  • @Woland was it actually ever there? When I install the latest NDI tools on OSX I see NDI video as an input option for zoom. This is inactive - ie there is no image coming in, until I launch the NDI virtual input application, this allows me to choose an NDI stream that I want to be the input. I assume this is what original post was about, it was not inside zoom but it is the NDI virtual camera.

    Current releases of zoom seem to have very broad support for inputs, so virtual cameras, blackmagic devices and the NDI input via the NDI virtual input app work. 

    Be aware that NDI is not that cheap and is CPU bound, so if you want to transmit a GPU heavy scene, it sometimes makes sense to use a capture card even on the same machine, to optimise performance.

  • @Woland but in that same thread there is a discussion about OBS ninja demo below 

    Looks like it can solve a lot of other desires for remote performances.

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    Yes, I saw that, and I'm looking into it, but I wish Zoom wasn't being an ass about NDI because ZoomOSC is a great tool.

    Edit: I've actually been aware of OBSninja for a number of months. I flagged it a while ago as a software of interest.

  • @Woland I know, I just finished a project where I was using skype specifically for the NDI output per speaker. Someone is going to have to pay for all those devs and servers. would be the ultimate solution.

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    @Fred said: would be the ultimate solution.

    Not sure what you mean here. Like replicating all of OBS ninja's features in Isadora?

  • @Woland yes an actor to send and receive video over the internet. Obs ninja is an interesting start because it is peer to peer, it does not need a high cost turn server to bounce video. 

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