[ANSWERED] Shapes Actor: resolution of shapes

  • New to Isadora, so this may be a very stupid question: is there a way to increase the resolution of the shapes created with the Shapes Actor? They are terribly pixelated, I can't find seem to find any way to fix this...

  • Tech Staff


    Yes you either have to increase the default video resolution (640x480) in the Isadora Prefrences under the video tab (this then is global) or type the desired resolution in the horz and vert size input of the shape actor.

    Best Michel

  • Thank you so much, Michel! That helped. I half expected it to be something really basic like this 🙈 Thanks!

  • Tech Staff

    Another easy trick is hooking up a Get Stage Size actor to the horz and vert size inputs of the Shapes actor. (After placing & connecting the Get Stage Size actor, you need to leave the Scene and come back once for the Get Stage Size actor to change the size of the Shapes actor though.)