• Hi,

    I would find great to have ability to edit tags for any post.
    As the subject moves sometimes a bit along a discussion.
  • Tech Staff

    Unfortunately it is not possible to add tags to a comment, only to the main post. And with the tagging plugin that comes with vanilla you can't see the tags you have done when you edit the post. So you have to re-enter all the tags, or you loose them.
    @mark there is another tagging plugin called "tagging enhanced", if you hit edit you see the tags you have given and can add additional tags. After deactivating the standard tagging plugin you have to delete it and install the new one. You don't loose any data doing this.
    So adding new tags is either the work of the person that opened the topic or the moderators.
    @skulpture lets keep an eye on the tags in posts and add or remove where necessary.


  • Thank you Michel