Scrolling in my control panel causes frame rates to drop

  • I've recently had to expand my control panel to be "taller" than my Macbookpro's display so I have to scroll up and down to access controls.

    When I scroll my video noticeably glitches.  Is this because the screen redraw interrupts gpu processing the video?  Any advice as how to reduce this glitch?



  • Izzy Guru

    That must be a big big patch. I can only suggest perhaps using macro's to make the screen space smaller?

    This has to be a GPU thing to cause glitches...?

  • @Skulpture


    what do you mean by Macros?



  • Izzy Guru

    Its like a user actor but simpler. 

    You can copy and paste actors into a Macro it then only shows you the ins and outs. Saves lots of space; should help your situation I imagine.

  • @Skulpture

    My problem is that I am in the Control Panel, with sliders, buttons etc. (not in edit mode).

    Macros won't save me screen space.


  • Izzy Guru

    Ah! Yes sorry I missed that bit. Sorry.

    Hmmmm... the only person I can think of who makes BIG control panels is @MatthewH and @DusX maybe they have had similar problems and can recommend something?

  • Dear All,

    Well, there's a lot of drawing going on when you have a lot of controls, and this can interrupt the rendering process. (Though it should only draw the controls that appear, not the ones that are already visible -- that is as long as your partially scrolling.) But send me your patch Eric and I'll run it through the paces to see what I find.
    Best Wishes,

  • @Mark

    Thanks Mark,

    I've built a patch which is exactly 2 X the height of my screen (which is 900 pixels high).  So I have to scroll down or up entirely, which means the screen has to redraw fully.

    I guess that's problem.

    I'll send you the patch.

    Hope you are surviving the Berlin spring.


  • Beta Tester

    My solution of late has simple been to have a seperate computer with my control panel doing show control stuff and then one or more playback computers slaved to it. Not so helpful for you but even with 8-Core Mac Pros which is what I've been renting lately I tend to need multiple machines.