[ANSWERED] Stage output to main projector and stage preview on the control screen

  • Hello,

    How does this work in Isadora 3? How can I see the output to the main projector and have the preview in the floating window at the same time?



  • Tech Staff

    From the Isadora 3.0.6 Release Notes

    Force a Preview To Be Shown for any Stage or Display

    Because a number of users gave us feedback saying that this was important to their workflow, we added a new "Force On" Checkbox to the Stage Setup settings. Checking it allows any Stage or Display to always show a preview window. 

    Force Preview is Shown for Stage If Any of Its Associated Displays Are Missing

    Like v2.x, Isadora 3 now shows a preview window for a Stage if any of its associated displays are not available. Unlike Isadora 2, where each Stage was associated with a single display, Isadora 3 allows a multiple displays to be associated with a Stage to facilitate edge blending. If any of those displays are not present when choosing the "Show Stages" command from the Output menu, a preview for that Stage will be shown. If all of the displays associated with a Stage are present, then a preview window will be shown only if the Stage's "Force On" checkbox is checked.

  • Thank you very much for this.