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    I am getting ready for a live stream and have been experimenting with different settings and am experiencing a sound sync issue with my output.

    The output from OBS does not sync the audio to the video correctly.

    I am experiencing this with a live zoom feed and with videos (mp4) running through Isadora.  I think that the audio is getting to OBS before the video and that a solution might be to set a delay in OBS but because OBS is reading the system audio that would affect everything.

    I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and what their solution has been.

    Windows 10 build 1993, Isadora 3, screen capture actor for zoom feed, movie player for videos, all into OBS, and out to You Tube.  So far I have just recorded the OBS out and seen the sync issue there.

    I have also patched zoom directly into OBS bypassing Isadora and it seems better.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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    Edit: Listen to @Fred instead of me 😅

    Disclaimer: I could be entirely wrong about this

    If I understand your workflow correctly, I think the crux of it is that: 

    Your video is going Xoom > Isadora > OBS


    Your audio is going Xoom > OBS

    So the audio has one less step to get to OBS and, since it doesn't pass through Isadora, the Xoom audio isn't synched with the video coming from Isadora. I think everything you add to the chain is going to add a little latency, so if the audio skips Isadora, then the audio won't be synched with Isadora's video output.

    This leads me to believe that if you were to also route the audio from Xoom into Isadora, then into OBS, the audio and video would be synched.

    Unfortunately, the software options for routing audio on Windows 10 are more limited than the options for routing audio on Mac, but there is software out there for Windows 10 audio routing.

    Again, I could be wrong about this, but that's my best guess.

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  • @TobyClark you can add an offset inside OBS easily, this will allow you to compensate for any difference.

  • @Fred said:

    you can add an offset inside OBS easily, this will allow you to compensate for any difference.


    Here's a set of instructions on how to change the audio offset.


    Please let us know if Fred's solution solves the problem so we can mark this post as [ANSWERED]

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  • @mark sorry I thought I added the link, found the unpublished edit post..thanks for picking it up.

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    @Fred said:

    sorry I thought I added the link

     I edited your post to include the link so now we have it twice 😁